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How can the roomindigo platform help your business?
With an existing strong network of buyers, we provide a year long solution where you can display your products and grow your market. Interested buyers can easily and directly contact you to request for more information.

To highlight your company, we also offer a Home page advertisement solution, as well as targeted emailing, only to the markets and countries you focus on.
What make us different than the other platforms?
Although it exists multiple platforms out there, we are the only furniture platform to specialized in promoting design and quality focus manufacturer from South East Asia.

Quality over Quantity, we work with only selected companies to ensure the quality of the products we promote.Thus the services we offer are tailored made to your needs.
How to register?
Receive our price list by filling up the form, or directly by sending us an email at
Our first emailing campaign helped us to open new market such as India and Africa
Marketing Manager
Roomindigo has been a partner in designing
Marketing Manager
In addition to classic trade show, Roomindigo has been a trusted promotion channel for 3 years
Marketing Manager

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